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Why Donate to M2M

M2M (Multiples to Multiles), a community of families, volunteers and professionals founded in 2012, is the leading national nonprofit provider of support, education and research on  higher-order multiple births. 

M2M's mission is to advocate for quality prenatal care, promote healthy deliveries, and supply information to all multiple birth families in order to  support successful parenting through every phase of their children's development.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of hundreds of volunteers, we are able to provide plenty of services to families.

10 Great Reasons to Support M2M
         1: Information
Your donations allow M2M to continue providing high-quality information to families of multiples.
         2: Networking
Your donations ensure M2M can secure, moderate, and maintain the Family Support Forums and Resource Volunteer Database to provide much needed support to families facing unique challenges.
         3: Research
 Your donations support critical research projects and the compilation of statistics used by researchers and medical professionals to help families of higher-order multiples have healthy outcomes.
         4: Advocacy
 Donations fund M2M’s advocacy efforts and creation of policy statements that M2M does on behalf of all multiples and their families.
         5: Outreach
Without the generous support of donors like you, outreach programs that help multiple birth families in need such as the annual M2M Adopt A Family and bereavement programs, would simply not be possible.
         6: Training
Your donations help fund programs that train volunteers and mentor local multiple support groups so families expecting and parenting multiples receive quality support at the local level as well.
         7: Families in Crises
Learn how during events like the Mwangi Case in 2012, M2M reaches out to families to ensure they are able to meet basic needs.
         8: Families in Need
Read how the annual M2M Adopt A Family program has helped hundreds of families facing difficult financial or medical challenges.
         9: Families Who Thrive
Find out how M2M's support and information has made a difference in the lives of many families.
        10: M2M Is There
View photos and find feedback from attendees at M2M events like the Mothers of Multiples Gatherings.



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